karen-before When I met Irena before Christmas last year I weighed a hefty 117kg. The weight had accumulated slowly over 20 years through the stresses of marriage, children and being a working mum. I had frankly given up, but through Irena’s intervention I realised I had placed myself last on the family’s agenda with regards healthy eating habits. Seven months’ later and 37kgs lighter I attribute the weightloss to Irena’s meal plans which are tailored to suit each individual’s taste, and her daily contact regime. Irena’s rules are simple and easy to follow. She is always at hand to advise when I’m out at a restaurant and don’t know what to choose. The change in life style literally saved my life! I now use Irena’s “diet” to fight breast cancer while I undergo treatment. A truly life saving way of living…
 tracey-before After trying many diets and just getting bigger over the years, I heard about Irena through a customer of mine. She said Irena’s program was different and I liked that. I will never forget our first meeting, Irena was straight to the point, with a very dry sense of humor. She meant business! Irena stays in daily contact with her clients, she personalized the plan to suit your lifestyle. She acts as your coach, support and a friend. There is nothing you can’t tell her! I lost 10 kg in 10 weeks and most importantly learnt how to successfully maintain it. Thank you Irena xxx
 craig-before It’s not an exaggeration to say that Irena transformed my life. When I initially started working with her, I was at my heaviest weight in my life (84kg) and my eating habits were absolutely horrible. In fact, it was not uncommon for me to eat an entire pizza for lunch. As our work together began, we developed an eating plan that Irena suggested I see not as a diet, but as “a new way of life”, something that I could stick to it long-term. She was absolutely right. With her guidance, I completely changed how and what I ate, and within six months I lost 12kg. I was the healthiest I had been since my university days. And I’m happy to say that three years later, I have kept the weight off, and this is because I successfully continue to follow the eating plan Irena developed for me when we started our work together. Just as she said back then, she provided me a “a new way of life” and I couldn’t be more grateful for what she has done for me. I couldn’t have achieved my transformation without her.
  Irena Ross is a genius, with her master tailor made diet plan and lifestyle change she changed mine and my husbands lives for the better. I have not felt this amazing in years, my energy levels have tripled my sleeping pattern has improved and clothes look so much better on me haha. I have lost 10kgs and am managing to keep it off, my mind is set for a healthier lifestyle and I am loving it. My husband has lost 15kgs and looks fabulous. I highly recommend Irene’s program, you can’t go wrong if you follow it.