Nutrifit is now offering an amazing MyFitTeam 6 week program for groups of 4-8 participants. This program is great for small companies or communities (clubs) that want to invest in their member’s health and knowledge in nutrition, exercise and positive mindset.

Aim of the program is to help participants find long term, sustainable exercise and eating solutions, also teach strategies on how to change habits, build new routines and stay motivated long term.

Program includes individual assessments with personalized plans, weekly email correspondence with Irena regarding weight loss progress and 4 group sessions. Group meetings are there to educate and support. Weekly topics include: basics of nutrition, how to exercise efficiently, healthy habit building strategies, motivational techniques and benefits of group work.

This program will give participants a head start on their journey to wellness, significant weight reduction and most importantly increased sense of self confidence and self efficacy in health and weight management domain.

IMPORTANT! This program is not a weight loss challenge or a competition. Group sessions are there to educate, support and motivate rather than create tense competitive environment that only results in short term success.

FOR EMPLOYERS: invest in your team and reap the benefits of healthier, happier and more energetic employees that will have greater bond and team awareness after going through MyFitTeam journey together.

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