NUTRIFIT offers you a successful, convenient weight loss program that rolls out via emails and instant messaging. Built on tested coaching techniques, it uses new cognitive behavioural strategies to motivate you to achieve permanent behavioural change. The solutions given ensure long lasting weight loss and wellbeing.While providing individual nutritional guidance, menu plans and recipes, NUTRIFIT’s focus is on identifying causes and triggers to overeating, and having you adopt new behaviours and beliefs around food and diet.

The program includes realistic goal setting; monitoring and support through constant and immediate e-communication. This helps you get through occasional wobbles and follow through.

You are encouraged to send daily detailed feedback, ask questions and seek support when struggling. This allows me to act as your accountability partner and help appropriately.

Accountability is one of the most important factors in losing weight.

The program is based on collaboration: you are an active participant in the menu design, which makes it easier to maintain as it is adapted to your personal needs and preferences. It is dynamic and adapts to changes in your schedule, circumstances, needs and progress.

Be aware, despite my empathy, a tough, no excuse approach is used!