My Story

A combination of fitness, nutrition and counselling skills helped NUTRIFIT evolve into the unique successful weight loss program that it is today. Nutrifit’s success rate is over 85% which is unprecedented in this field. So where did it start? Its story is my story so let me tell you about Irena.

I was born in Serbia, a country where, as here, we are serious about sport. Since junior school I have played many ball sports and represented my city in few athletic disciplines. Sport and exercise remained my passion through university and travelling years, but only after arriving here in 2004 did I make exercise and fitness my career. I completed HFTA’s personal training course and joined B..U..C. gym in 2007. Very soon it was evident to me that 90% of my clients were coming for weight loss as well as fitness and for me to help them, I needed to understand nutrition, eating patterns, body image and the psychology behind our behaviours. I studied further, sports nutrition and applied psychology (specialising in addictions, relationship, self-esteem and motivation) and applied my knowledge to my clients. By 2009 when the positive results had mounted up, I started NUTRIFIT.

In having studied as a counsellor and having pushed myself as a PT and sports achiever, and now with years of experience working with people to enable them to achieve their aims, I feel I have grown as a counsellor and coach. I hope the empathy and knowledge I have acquired can continue to help others – maybe you?