Habit reform is a science based and hands on method with a goal of routine restructuring and behavioral change to help people achieve goals.

I use no nonsense direct communication but at the same time close and supportive relationship to help clients change. Most techniques are based in CBT and Narrative Therapy and some include : journaling, exposure, normalizing and challenging , play the script, laddering and many more depending on the circumstances.

Examples of habits Irena works with include:

You might feel like your substance use is unhealthy or getting worse, but don’t want extreme approach of quitting all together. Try this program of management and exploration, and determine where you stay on addictions scale. Many people consume successfully, you could be one of them.

Do you feel like you are wasting too much time on social media or tv? Has this habit been affecting your school, work, relationship or health? Like any other habit you can change this one too. And No, it doesn’t involve selling your tv or deleting all your apps.

Did you know that what you do in the morning affects how well you sleep at night? Lack of sleep affects your health, weight, mood and productivity. Don’t wait too long to clean up your act.

In my Nutrifit practice I’ve been addressing eating and exercise habits and how they relate to weight management. But even if you don’t have weight problem, if you lack exercise and eat badly sooner or later it will show. Follow good exercise routine and adopt sensible balanced way of eating and experience what optimal feels like. It will take 3-6 months but it’s so worth it

Improve communication and relationship habits. Don’t wait to hit relationship slump, work on your relationship before it’s too late. Build good habits together and stop talking past each other.

Are your habits getting you closer to your life goals?