Watch your habits, not your weight
Let’s look at this example, imagine you have a messy room and you decide you are going to clean it up. You put your mind into it and soon you have a clean room. But if you maintain same sloppy living habits soon you will be looking at a new […]

Watch your habits not your weight

Holidays are full of temptation and obstacles to healthy diet and exercise program. These obstacles can be overcome but it will require positive mental attitude , some thinking and planning. Examples: 1- mind set of :”well, it’s holiday, anything goes!” Healthy lifestyle and habits are part of your identity and […]

Holiday Diet Tips

These are some of the reasons why watching tv can be affecting your weight. Firstly, it’s a SEDENTARY activity. While watching tv you are burning 60 calories per hour at best, and that equals 15g of cheese, 30g bread, 3 provitas… Secondly, watching tv affects the way you eat. For […]

Is watching TV fattening?

There is no one size fits all way of eating. There are many diets out there and lots of conflicting info. It can get really confusing. These are some suggestions to help you choose: look for a plan that offers flexibility and balance ( no food is of-limits ) make […]

Choosing a right diet plan

Following a healthy diet, exercising and changing your lifestyle and mindset is not easy. Reminding yourself why you choose to do it can help you along the way. Here are some examples… health related reasons obese people are more likely to develop dementia overweight women are at risk for endometrial […]

Good reasons to lose weight

Can you relate to this? BE AWARE! Its a symptom of Negative Body Image. It’s accompanied by thinking derogatory comments about your body and constant comparing to others. Negative body image affects self-esteem, relationship with food and others, and it should be addressed. It is also often related to depression […]

Obsessive self scrutiny in mirrors

We love coming up with all kinds of excuses to break our diet or not even start it. These are some I come across in my practice st often. I LOVE TO EAT! Guess what! Everybody does! But it’s a lame excuse for staying fat and unhealthy! ┬áDiet food doesn’t […]

Diet Excuses

We need 7-9 hours of sleep! Sleeping less than 5 hours or having poor quality sleep interferes with your metabolism and contributes to weight gain. These are some examples: -when you are tired you crave energy dense food and eat bigger portions. You don’t feel like exercising or cooking so […]

Connection between sleep and weight

Instead of jumping from one to another diet plan, rather focus on fixing these mistakes: 1-NO ACCOUNTABILITY? Keep food journal, weight record, report to someone else. 2-NO SUPPORT? You don’t have to do it alone , find someone that you can turn to for support when going gets tough. 3-NO […]

Why do you keep falling off the diet wagon

Nothing gives me more pleasure than bumping into my old clients and seeing that they are still maintaining healthy weight and attitude! As we all know, that is not always the case, and most of the time people struggle with maintenance. In one of my earlier articles I wrote about […]

Permanent weight loss requires mind set change