Did you try many diets but every time found yourself back to square one??? This could be the reason – TRYING TO DO TOO MUCH AT ONCE IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE QUICK RESULTS!   Most of the clients come to me fed up, wanting change and wanting it fast. Instant […]


Don’t we all get resolved and motivated to improve, try hard to be the best version of ourselves, just to find ourselves exhausted, flat or discouraged after a while. Possible we came across some obstacles or had few set backs and now we struggle to stay on track, or even […]

How To Stay Motivated

These are the 4 most common diet challenges I encountered in the last 15 years in working with people from different countries, demographics and beliefs. 1. Badly organized, no planning! It’s ¬†quite interesting how many otherwise very organized and very successful people rebel against being organized and prioritizing nutrition . […]

Common diet challenges and solutions

Environmental triggers are very strong. Being exposed to food will trigger most people. Food is everywhere! In meetings, waiting rooms, in gyms, everywhere you look. Good news is that you can make your your environment weight loss friendly, like your home, car, office…, and also engage in more activities that […]


Are you afraid of carbs?
WIDE SPREAD FEAR OF CARBS Low carb high fat diets have been around since 1960’s but only people that like fatty foods and don’t like to drink alcohol and/or are not into sweet and starchy food can do well on it long term. Jumping on a low carb diet wagon […]


Watch your habits, not your weight
Let’s look at this example, imagine you have a messy room and you decide you are going to clean it up. You put your mind into it and soon you have a clean room. But if you maintain same sloppy living habits soon you will be looking at a new […]

Watch your habits not your weight

Holidays are full of temptation and obstacles to healthy diet and exercise program. These obstacles can be overcome but it will require positive mental attitude , some thinking and planning. Examples: 1- mind set of :”well, it’s holiday, anything goes!” Healthy lifestyle and habits are part of your identity and […]

Holiday Diet Tips

There is no one size fits all way of eating. There are many diets out there and lots of conflicting info. It can get really confusing. These are some suggestions to help you choose: look for a plan that offers flexibility and balance ( no food is of-limits ) make […]

Choosing a right diet plan

Following a healthy diet, exercising and changing your lifestyle and mindset is not easy. Reminding yourself why you choose to do it can help you along the way. Here are some examples… health related reasons obese people are more likely to develop dementia overweight women are at risk for endometrial […]

Good reasons to lose weight