Irena Ross

Can you relate to this? BE AWARE! Its a symptom of Negative Body Image. It’s accompanied by thinking derogatory comments about your body and constant comparing to others. Negative body image affects self-esteem, relationship with food and others, and it should be addressed. It is also often related to depression […]

Obsessive self scrutiny in mirrors

We love coming up with all kinds of excuses to break our diet or not even start it. These are some I come across in my practice st often. I LOVE TO EAT! Guess what! Everybody does! But it’s a lame excuse for staying fat and unhealthy!  Diet food doesn’t […]

Diet Excuses

We need 7-9 hours of sleep! Sleeping less than 5 hours or having poor quality sleep interferes with your metabolism and contributes to weight gain. These are some examples: -when you are tired you crave energy dense food and eat bigger portions. You don’t feel like exercising or cooking so […]

Connection between sleep and weight

Instead of jumping from one to another diet plan, rather focus on fixing these mistakes: 1-NO ACCOUNTABILITY? Keep food journal, weight record, report to someone else. 2-NO SUPPORT? You don’t have to do it alone , find someone that you can turn to for support when going gets tough. 3-NO […]

Why do you keep falling off the diet wagon

Behavioral change is a process and it starts with pretending. Pretend you are the person you want to be, pretend that you don’t like cake or junk, pretend that you enjoy salads, pretend your favorite food is brocolli, pretend you love exercising.  Pretend and a new pattern of behavior will […]

Quick tip on behavioral change

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of meal planning! It helps avoid problems that arise when you just venture out into your busy day unprepared. Without planning you are vulnerable to impulses and circumstances. In my experience I came across clients that are resistant to meal planning, they feel it’s […]

Meal Planning

▸Do you feel like food is controlling you? ▸Is food always on your mind? ▸Do you feel like you can’t stop once you start eating? You are not alone! Food has become obsession of modern world and common coping mechanism for stress, boredom, anxiety….. Faulty childhood conditioning combined with evil […]