Holiday Diet Tips


Holidays are full of temptation and obstacles to healthy diet and exercise program. These obstacles can be overcome but it will require positive mental attitude , some thinking and planning.


1- mind set of :”well, it’s holiday, anything goes!” Healthy lifestyle and habits are part of your identity and not something you do just part of the year. Don’t procrastinate, do it NOW.

2- more drinking while on holiday, at the end of the day everybody is doing it. Don’t follow the herd, moderate drinking is fine but no need for binge drinking.  Offer to be a designated driver on some evenings.

3- environment, temptations are everywhere. Also holiday parties, it’s best to eat something healthy beforehand so that you are not too hungry, and also drink in moderation.

4- social pressure, wanting to please. Don’t eat food to please others, just simply say “no thank you”. But if you really want it then eat it in moderation.

5- your favorite holiday food. Of course eat it but don’t indulge in it every day,

6- not being in control of food that’s served.  If you can’t control the type of food served, you can control the amount of food you eat. Eat small portions, stop before you are full.

7- after having one bad holiday meal, feel like giving up on the whole thing. This black and white thinking is a huge obstacle to healthy living. Life is in gray and learning to tolerate it is an important life skill.

And finally, holidays are much more than consuming and indulging, focus on relationships, discoveries and keep moving.