Is watching TV fattening?


These are some of the reasons why watching tv can be affecting your weight.

Firstly, it’s a SEDENTARY activity. While watching tv you are burning 60 calories per hour at best, and that equals 15g of cheese, 30g bread, 3 provitas…

Secondly, watching tv affects the way you eat. For example:

  1. while watching tv you are unaware how much you are eating, it’s MINDLESS eating.
  2. the food we chose to eat while watching tv is the one that’s consumed easily, not with knife and fork, rather with our hands and fingers, and this type of food is often high in fat and sugar.
  3. we watch tv in the evenings so all here extra calories are consumed just before going to bed.
  4. according to research emotional eaters will respond to tv content that’s stressful by overeating
  5. also, food and restaurant ads on tv or watching content that involves eating can trigger and tempt us into eating .

ADVICE– make it a rule never to eat in front of the tv!