Diet Excuses


We love coming up with all kinds of excuses to break our diet or not even start it. These are some I come across in my practice st often.

  1. I LOVE TO EAT! Guess what! Everybody does! But it’s a lame excuse for staying fat and unhealthy!  Diet food doesn’t have to be boring and following 80/20 rule is enough for slow and steady weight loss most of the time.
  2. LIFE IS TOO SHORT! Life can be much shorter if you don’t look after yourself.
  3. DIETS DONT WORK FOR ME! Most likely your approach to dieting is wrong. For long lasting results you need to adopt a sensible, healthy and balanced diet that is sustainable and fits your specific needs. Also, be patient and give it a proper go.
  4. I HAD A STRESSFUL DAY! Does a tasty treat really compensate for a bad day? No, it doesn’t! If anything it leaves you feeling guilty, bloated and more stressed.
  5. I DESERVE A TREAT! You deserve to be healthy and comfortable in your body. Eating unhealthy food is not a reward, it’s a punishment.
  6. EATING HEALTHY IS TOO EXPENSIVE! There are ways of keeping costs down, like buying bulk, freezing left overs, making soups from unused vegetables …..also, reducing portion sizes reduces total monthly food cost.
  7. I DONT HAVE TIME! Making salads is quick, prepping in advance on days when less busy can help you get through a busy week. Also, cooking bulk and freezing is a great time saving strategy.
  8. IT’S GENETICS! While your genes do determine where and how easily fat is stored , you still have the power to shred the kilograms.
  9. I CANT LET FOOD GO TO WASTE! So instead you are carrying a waste bag around your hips and waist.
  10. PEOPLE WILL JUDGE ME IF I ORDER A SALAD! Take pride in choices you make and stand up for your health.