Meal Planning

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of meal planning! It helps avoid problems that arise when you just venture out into your busy day unprepared. Without planning you are vulnerable to impulses and circumstances.

In my experience I came across clients that are resistant to meal planning, they feel it’s too rigid and structured. In the meantime their diaries are booked up with social, eating out arrangements, and annual holidays have all been planned! Well, the same principle applies to it all, without planning nothing will ever happen!

When meal planning, it’s important to include your favourite foods. Having too many food restrictions leaves you feeling deprived, and over time pressure builds up and you cave into cravings or temptations.

Never follow generic meal plans, they are rigid and hard to sustain for long. Rather learn from your nutritionist about the basics of meal planning  so that you can rely on your own choices. Also, learn how to substitute which will allow you to be flexible and structured at the same time. Education is the key.



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