Thinking errors that interfere with our weight-loss success


1. Black and white thinking. It leads to extreme behaviors and harsh judgement. Also when it comes to diet, one small mistake can lead you to feel that all is messed up now so you might as well just give up.
2. SHOULD statements. Don’t try to motivate yourself with “shoulds” or compare yourself to perfect images in magazines.
3. Filtering. Taking negative detail and magnifying it, while filtering out the positives.
4. Scapegoating. Assuming that physical characteristic you dislike about yourself is responsible for all your troubles.
5. Blaming. Holding other people responsible for your situation.
6. Labeling. Attaching an unhealthy label to yourself instead of understanding an error in context of a specific situation..


Spend 10 minutes daily allying the way you think , speak and act. By recognizing your thinking errors you raise your self awareness which is necessary for change.