Self-esteem and weight loss – continued


This post is an extension from my previous post: Self-Esteem and Weight Loss

Low self-esteem interferes with weight loss. Its main characteristic is negative internal dialogue telling us we are not good enough.

We are caught in a trap of weight issues that lower our self-esteem and vice versa. It is crucial to start a healthy eating plan as soon as possible, and ignore the voice in your head telling you not to bother as you will fail again. There is a right and sustainable eating plan for everyone so don’t give up searching and trying. At the same time start working on your self-esteem.

These are some boosting  tips:

  1. Be kind to yourself, just like you are kind and considerate to others.
  2. Set healthy boundaries. Stop trying to please others.
  3. Accept the person in the mirror, you are on this journey together.
  4. Practice positive thinking, choose to see the positive side. When you catch yourself having negative thoughts stop immediately.
  5. Exercise.